Wave of Hope Ministry

It is with mixed feelings that we issue this statement regarding the Wave of Hope ministry.

In August 2021, following a thorough and fair internal investigation, and with much prayer, we placed ministry leader, Philani Sikobi, on suspension pending further investigation. Philani has however since resigned and is no longer an employee of the Genesis Trust nor is he involved in the Wave of Hope ministry or any other Genesis ministry.

Due to the nature of the investigation, we are not at liberty to provide any further information We would like to assure the public that we followed and continue to follow every legal and standard procedure and protocol possible so as to ensure a fair and justifiable outcome for all the parties involved. Philani has been voluntarily assisting with our investigation.

Our Social Justice team are supporting and counselling the members of the Ministry concerned. Our mission is to protect and empower the vulnerable and to show the love of Jesus to all people.

Wave of Hope is continuing to function with a new coach and under the leadership of our Social Justice division. We are committed to ensuring that the children who participate in Wave of Hope, and in all of our other Genesis ministries, are treated with love and care and that their right to dignity and safety are always upheld.

We would like to thank our partners in this Ministry, our friends and the staff for their continued support and love for our ministries and we ask that you pray for all that are and have been involved in this situation.

Together in the service of Christ,
The Genesis Hope Trust

Genesis Wave Of Hope

About Wave of Hope

The Wave of Hope Surf Academy is a project of Genesis Hope South Africa that aims to support young teenagers in our communities, through teaching surfing.

The Surf Academy has 40 young surfers who attend weekend surf sessions on a rotating basis. Many of these surfers are competing at development competitions in the Ugu District, through the season.

These young surfers have been recruited through different programs at Genesis and are all from communities in which our Safe Place sites are active.

Wave of Hope needs your support!

There are many ways to support the Surf school, which is free to the kids and completely funded by generous partners!

Needs: (used or new)

  • Surf Boards, long boards, body boards
  • Surf Wax
  • Leashes
  • Rash Vests/Wetsuits
  • Packed Lunches
  • First Aid Kits

Financial Needs:

  • Food Costs
  • Transport / Vehicles Costs
  • Tournament Entry Fees
  • Coach Salary
  • Surf Repairs
  • Storage Facilities

If you are interested in partnering with Wave of Hope Surf School in any way, please contact us!

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