The Genesis Gyms were founded with the burden to get the vulnerable youth within our communities off the streets and into a safe, healthy environment where they could have access to constructive activities. The gyms provide an ideal alternative to otherwise detrimental activities that we see take hold of many members of our surrounding communities.
Genesis gyms offer a healthy environment for men, women, youth and pensioners to come and improve the health of their bodies. It presents an incredible relationship building opportunity for staff members- who through training and exercise can help bring the Gospel to seeking members.

Marburg Community Gym

About, Vision, Mission

Marburg Genesis Gym is our central gym facility, situated in the Marburg community of Port Shepstone. Murchison Genesis Gym, on the other hand, is our community gym and is located within the local community of Murchison. While they share a similar name, vision and goal, these two gyms run very different dynamics.

The goal of Genesis Gyms is not profit, but rather to create a safe gym environment where members of surrounding communities can come develop strength and fitness, improve their overall health and have the opportunity to develop intentional and meaningful relationships. These members come from varying walks of life, ethnicities, race groups and backgrounds.

The vision is to be more than just a gym facility. We aim to encourage healthy lifestyles, overcome fitness boundaries; and empower community members through exercise and the achievement of goals. More so, we want to be able to achieve these whilst demonstrating the love of Christ and sharing the Gospel.

What is offered

  • Fully equipped traditional gym
  • Training assistance and personal trainers available
  • Externally run classes such as Taebo and basic martial arts/self defence

Murchison Community Gym

About, Vision, Mission

The Murchison gym is located within a community with one of the highest incidences of HIV/AIDS in the country. This gym provides a safe place off the streets for community members to engage in constructive activities, all the while improving the health of their bodies. Men, women and youth who otherwise would never be able to afford gym fees, have access to a healthy environment in which they can get healthy. Murchison gym is home to many success stories of lives being changed through both fitness and the development of healthy relationships.

Murchison gym is currently sitting at a membership of approximately 70. The facility is much smaller than our central gym, but is equipped to meet the needs of the members who train there.

Again, the visions of our gyms go beyond the four walls and weights. Not only are lives changed through exercise and healthy choices, but also through the Word of God and the discipleship of seeking members.

What is offered

  • Semi equipped traditional gym
  • Training assistance

Genesis Fitness


Genesis Fitness was started from a passion for community-based functional fitness, in which people from all walks of life and athletic abilities could experience a completely new approach to exercise and group training. At the core, Genesis Fitness is all about relationships and people connection. It was started as a ministry tool, in order to reach those that were looking for something outside of a traditional gym, while being able to effectively build intentional relationships and walk alongside members in many areas of their lives.
Through Genesis Fitness, we are able to offer a new way of training in a high class facility- to members of the public that otherwise may not be able to afford the high fees of other functional fitness gyms. Genesis Fitness was founded to create an all inclusive, family-feel fitness community. It is more than just a gym and workout session- you step into a room where you are seen and known, encouraged and motivated; and pushed to be a better, healthier, stronger version of yourself.

About, Vision, Mission

Genesis Fitness is a high intensity, functional training gym, where we focus on functional fitness training for individuals across broad athletic abilities. We are committed to providing a one-of-a-kind, full body workout experience; as well as to bring an exciting and new fitness approach to a community who may normally not have access to such a facility.

Our goal is to ensure that you not only get the most out of every session, but also that you have the opportunity to become part of a unified community- centred around a common passion for fitness.

We would like to see every person who walks through our gym doors, develop a lifestyle of physical fitness; and we aspire to come alongside them as they strive to meet their personal fitness goals. Whether it is to be a competitive athletes, a better rugby player, or just a fitter version of yourself- we strive to do everything possible to facilitate the optimal training for members to achieve their goals.

As follows of Christ, we seek to use the gym as a unique platform to develop meaningful relationships with all who walk through our doors, and be able to set the foundation to share the Gospel and the love of Christ.

What is offered

  • Fully equipped functional fitness gym
  • Instructor led group workout sessions- these are a constantly varied combination of strength training, weightlifting, gymnastics, bodyweight movements and cardio endurance conditioning. Workout sessions are an hour in duration and we run multiple sessions a day throughout the week.


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