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We help abandoned, orphaned & HIV-affected infants & toddlers by creating a place of safety in a loving home environment.

The Genesis El-Roi Baby Home is a registered Child and Youth Care Centre entrusted to the Genesis Trust and is registered with the Department of Social Development. We are allowed to receive and provide care for up to 20 infants and toddlers between the ages of 0-4 years. We focus on the care of abandoned, orphaned, and HIV-affected infants, including those of a parent who finds herself in a crisis pregnancy, regardless of race, gender or religion. Infants are admitted only after intervention by the SA Police Service or a social worker, acting in terms of the Children's Act and thereafter in accordance with an order of the Children's Court.

At Genesis El-Roi Baby Home, our little ones are cared for and given all the love and comfort and medical care an infant needs, until such time as the children's court orders a child's placement in foster care or adoption. Our Genesis Social Justice Division Manager and Social Worker ensures that the home is compliant with the regulations and that it operates within the law. The Baby Home is in high demand as it is centrally situated in the Port Shepstone town, near the hospital.

Our live-in Home Mother and the carer staff members of El-Roi strive to create a loving and caring environment where the physical, social and spiritual needs of our little ones can be met. Our specific goal is to accommodate and meet the needs of infants deprived of loving parental care in terms of their physical, nutritional, medical, material, emotional, social, recreational, educational and spiritual requirements. We aim to provide them with a safe, clean and healthy environment so that they can grow and develop like those children fortunate enough to have loving parents and a stable home environment.

A highlight for our little ones is the morning ECD with ‘Teacher Roxy', incorporating content and activities from the fantastic curriculum, “Brain Boosters”. It is vital for us to provide these children with the same stimulation and education as their peers, outside of the home, in order to secure a confident start in their lives.

Our Specific Goal

Our specific goal is to accommodate and meet the needs of infants deprived of loving parental care in terms of their

  • physical, nutritional, medical
  • material
  • emotional, social,
  • recreational, educational
  • spiritual requirements.

This is achieved by admitting the children into temporary safe care on a short-term basis. The desired outcome is that the child is either reunited with his or her family, or is in the shortest possible time placed in foster or adoptive care. Working towards a measure of permanency in the child´s life is critical! All of this is done within the framework of the Children‘s Act,No. 38 of 2005 and the Regulations framed thereunder. Our social worker ensures that all legal processes are followed and all actions undertaken in accordance with the statutes.

As a nonprofit organization Genesis El-Roi relies heavily on the donations from outside churches, individuals, families and businesses. Whether it is donations of money or meeting the everyday, practical needs of our babies, any help goes a long way.

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