Our Journey

Founded 2002

Genesis Hope South Africa was founded in 2002 as an outreach project of the Norwegian Settlers Church. The mission was to take the church out of the building and into the surrounding community, so that, if the church was no longer there... the communities would notice.

At the same time, HIV and AIDS was rife in South Africa and local hospitals were experiencing a shortage of beds. They were in desperate need of step down and hospice facilities.

Vision and Leadership

Thanks to the vision and leadership of Trevor and Helene Downham, our Genesis founders, the contribution of land from the church, together with the generosity of individuals and a registered board of trustees, the Genesis Care Centre was established in May 2005.

Since then, other needs have arisen and new projects have been established, all under the umbrella of Genesis Hope South Africa. As we face new challenges within our country and our communities, so our projects have adapted, in order to serve our communities in line with our original mission.

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