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Khula Community Centre serves the community by brining hope with a Christian Ethos by support in education, health, feeding programmes and other social needs.

Khula Community Centre was started by Pastor Joseph Ndovela and his wife Jabu in 2010. The couple saw a desperate need to start a feeding programme and creche within the rural community of Mahlabithini, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Grown Into a Community

Over the past 10 years, it has grown into a community Centre that is making a significant difference in the community. It is the light and a beacon of hope for all children in our community, ranging from 2 to 18 years old. Khula is a safe place where children are nurtured and guided in a positive way, ensuring they reach their full potential.

Under the Umbrella of Khula Community Centre, Khula has six ministries:

  • Khula Creche
  • Khula Feeding
  • Khula Health
  • Khula Teach
  • Khula Music
  • Khula Covid Feeding


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The creche has the capacity to accommodate 120 registered children aged between 2 and 4 years of age, attending weekly classes.

The creche offers an excellent standard of education and continues to provide a safe environment where the children are well taken care of, giving parents peace of mind.

All children attending classes at the creche are given 2 meals a day and sent home with an additional snack.



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The feeding scheme is the pivotal point from which all the other programmes operate. Poverty and unemployment rates are high in the Mahlabithini community, making the feeding scheme an essential service which is greatly appreciated by all the families in the area.

All children, regardless of which schools they attend, are welcome to a hot nutritious afternoon meal including a snack and fruit, all prepared onsite by our kitchen staff. The majority of the children arriving for a meal in the afternoon attend neighbouring schools.



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As the nearest hospital is 40km away, health requirements are a big need throughout the community. Therefore, the Government Mobile Clinic and The South Coast Hospice Clinic continue to come out twice a month to attend to the medical needs of the Mahlabathini Community.

Services provided include: TB screenings, Cancer screening, HIV testing, general health checks, dispensing of non-scheduled medication for minor ailments.

Education: Nutrition and health, Infection control, basic hygiene, importance of adherence to medication, sexual and reproductive health.

Counselling: Grief and loss, HIV/AIDS, abuse and violence.



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There is a desperate need for children to be supported and encouraged in their education, which Khula provides for learners on a weekly basis. Our Afterschool Educational Programme takes place 4 days a week, and we offer lessons in English, Reading, Maths and Computer Skills to Grade R to Grade 7 learners (5 years to 14 years old).

These classes have been and remain to be beneficial, having a positive impact on the whole community. All the classes are fun and educational, taught by passionate and dedicated group of teachers, making children want to spend their afternoons at Khula attending afternoon classes.



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Khula Community Centre is the base where our children’s appreciation for music is enhanced. Our children have natural music ability with an in-built sense of rhythm, which help them to engage and enjoy the music activities. We are assisting them to develop their natural love and passion for music into something bigger.

In the afternoon’s children are encouraged to express themselves creatively at Khula, by learning to play the marimba, guitars, drums and use the percussion set. Our two music teachers have a positive impact on the lives of many high school boys, who thrive on coming to spend their afternoons at Khula, making music in a safe, encouraging and positive environment.

covid feeding

Covid Feeding

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When the nation-wide lockdown was declared by our President, Khula was given permits which enabled us to continue with our feeding scheme.

In addition, twice a week, each child is given a food parcel to take home to their family. These parcels are bringing hope and encouragement to all the people who have been affected by job losses, during the pandemic.

Khula Community Centre

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